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SWG: Combat Rebalance Interview @ IGN
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Stranger In A Strange Land
Stranger In A Strange Land

Joined: 20 May 2002
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Location: Sydney, Australia
SWG: Combat Rebalance Interview @ IGN

In an interesting <a href="http://pc.ign.com/articles/532/532038p1.html" target="_blank">interview</a> for 'Star Wars Galaxies' players, PC.IGN chats to Haden Blackman about the player backlash over the delay to combat rebalancing and where SOE stands on this issue:<blockquote><em><b>IGNPC: This weekend, we got a lot of letters from kids who are really ticked off at you guys. First, I wanted to get the official timeline for the updates.</b> <br> <br>Haden Blackman: We don't have an official timeline yet. We're not announcing any dates until we know exactly the scope of what we're doing and are pretty confident in when we're going to be able to do it. We don't want to get in to the position again of over-promising. The only date that we have announced right now is the October date for Jump to Lightspeed. </em></blockquote>
Post Wed Jul 21, 2004 11:53 pm
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Liar, liar, pants on fire!

Let me add two interesting quotes from the article:
IGNPC: It seems that you're neglecting the MMO side of the game in order to introduce a radically different style of game. Even though Jump to Lightspeed completes the Star Wars experience, it seems that MMO-oriented players would be more interested in seeing the ground combat revamp before getting their hands on the expansion.

Haden Blackman: That's completely not the feedback we're received from the bulk of our community. The bulk of our community has been waiting for this and, though not necessarily upset, frustrated that they haven't been able to jump into the cockpit of a starfighter and go into space.

IGNPC: We often hear the loudest cries from a relative minority. Still, it seems odd that all the comments sent our way have been negative.

Haden Blackman: Yeah, all the guys who are happy with everything are playing the game. They aren't spending their time sending you guys letters or posting on the forums.

End Quotes...

My comment:
Liar, liar pants on fire!
Guess I can't blame Haden, if I had a high paying comfy fun job, I'd lie through my teeth too, to keep it!
If his boss believes this load of bull, then that's where the real issue is!
Post Wed Jul 21, 2004 11:58 pm
Warrior for Heaven
Warrior for Heaven

Joined: 20 Apr 2002
Posts: 2011
Location: United States

I hate that guy...
Post Fri Jul 23, 2004 6:55 am
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