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The Staff Members
Name:Fabian Lau

I was born on November 23rd, 1979, and I'm with RPGDot since July 2002. I've started out as an editor to help Rend and Moriendor with the news, but eventually I took a short break that never ended... Maybe I'll get back to it some time. Otherwise I mostly do random "stuff" now, like RPGDot's Divinity skin. Divinity is also what brought me here, as I had attended the Larian forums for a long time and knew Moriendor from there.

I am a fan of medieval fairs, though I still have to get my own garment; I like RPGs of course, everything magical, forests, and I am a dreamer. That's also why I chose Arhu as my nick, which is the name of a young wizard tomcat in "A Book of Night with Moon" by Diane Duane. I'm quite shy regarding cameras - the picture on the right is one of the very few that exist of me.. But I'm digressing.

So here are my favorite RPG's:

~ Gothic 1+2
~ Realms of Arkania 1-3
~ Divine Divinity
~ Ambermoon
~ Deus Ex
... and lots of others I forgot or have yet to play.

I began playing computer games on the old Intellivision, graduated to a C64 and then progressed to modern PC's. I've probably played nearly every CRPG ever made and I know I've enjoyed nearly all of them. My favourites are still the Ultimas, including the Underworlds and the incredible Planescape -Torment. However, I must add a great liking for the Gothic series as well. I do the occasional newsbit, when I find something interesting, but mainly I'm involved with features such as Interviews, Previews and Reviews.
Name:Brian Turner

I live in Sydney, Australia where I own a small systems integration business. I enjoy a variety of RPG sub-genres but "traditional" RPGs like Ultima VII, Planescape: Torment or Fallout are my favourites. I quite enjoy a good 3D/action hybrid like Gothic or Deus Ex - provided the RPG elements are worthwhile and there are real choices in the gameplay . Other interests include almost anything sci-fi - I'd love to see more hardcore sci-fi/non-fantasy RPGs. Born in 1968 I discovered D&D in the early '80s and my first CRPG was an early Ultima on an Apple II.

I took over as Editor-in-Chief of RPGDot and MMORPGDot after Moriendor retired in October 2005.
Name:T. J. Brumfield

I currently reside in Omaha, Nebraska where I work for Harrahs in IT. I enjoy all kinds of games from NCAA Football to Grand Theft Auto, but I particularly love RPGs. I wlll play most RPGs, including action RPGs, tactical RPGs, old-school RPGs and JRPGs. I don't care for Diablo clones and similiar click-fests, though I somehow can happily play Ultima IV and not get bored.

I'm happily married to another geek, and our geek baby is due in September. Both have to share what love I have to offer with the Boston Red Sox.

My favorite RPGs are probably:
  • Planescape: Torment
  • The Ultima series (especially V and VII)
  • The Fallout series
  • The Final Fantasy series
Name:Sia Manzari

Born and raised in Munich on february 7th 1969 and with RPGDot since late 1999. I like good-old fashioned RPG (and classic point-and-click adventures) but no MMORPGs please!

Favourite games:
- Arx Fatalis
- Dungeon Lords
- Gods
- Quest for Glory
- Ultima Underworld 1&2
- Ultimas, esp Ultima 7 1&2
- Might & Magic series
- Wizardry series
- Vampire the Masquerade
- Gothic 1&2
Name:Andre Wolf
Title:Editor / Editor-In-Chief @ GothicDot

I was born in 1974 in a small town between Hannover and Bielefeld in north-west Germany. My work at RPGDot started in late 2001 as editor @ GothicDot. A short time later I became editor-in-chief @ GothicDot and took over editor duties at our main site RPGDot.
Name:Suzie Ford
Title:RPGDot Editor

I'm pleased to have landed this high-paying job...oh wait, I do this for free, don't I? But, money aside, I AM pleased to be on staff here at RPGDot.com. I've been a longtime viewer of the site so it's a high honor to be trusted as an editor.

I'm a married mother of a 3 year old. I teach 2nd grade (7-8 year olds) in Arizona, USA. I've been an online gamer for nearly ten years now. My husband and I began with Diablo and moved to Diablo 2. We ran a guild for years, even moving it to Guildwars. Several of our original members still join us for games once a month and our dearest "couple friends" are online guildies from England. They've visited us five times over the years so those who tell you people online are untrustworthy are wrong. ;)

I'm currently heavily involved in several NWN campaigns and am eagerly awaiting the release of NWN2. I also play Fate, Fable, Beyond Divinity, and am revisiting Planescape and Icewind Dale.

But really...Neverwinter is where my heart lies. It's the single best game I've played and, due to community involvement, has kept my fancy for a long while. Let's hope NWN2 will do the same! :)
Name:Christopher Curdes
Title:Senior Editor/Mod Editor Team Leader

Born in Washington D.C. on 23 August 1953. Spent most of my life affiliated with the U.S. military - growing up as an "Air Force Brat"; then by starting out my own, active military career - beginning with the U.S. Army, spending some "reserve" time with the U.S. Air Force, and ending my active duty time with the U.S. Navy - and have been (effectively) retired for some little time now!!

I've shared well over twenty years of happiness with a wonderful woman, "Becky". We live along the very beautiful (and historic) Outer Banks of North Carolina, USA - where I spend my time (when not wandering the beaches, enjoying the "beach scenery", or relaxing with a schooner of cold beer and oysters on the half-shell, a bushel of fresh blue crab, and/or steamed shrimp) either writing for RPGDot & AdventureDot; or playing RPG's and Adventure games on the PC, the Xbox 360, or the PS2.


Joined RPGDot in February 2001 as a news editor. Later became Editor-In-Chief (when Rend -the founder of RPGDot- went into retirement) and also the "Boss Monster" of the whole network *g* before leaving the team in October 2005.

Favorite (MMO)RPGs up until the point of leaving (10/2005):

- 'Gothic' series
- 'Realms of Arkania' series
- 'Might & Magic' series
- 'Deus Ex'
- 'Morrowind'
- 'Divinity'
- 'Star Wars: Galaxies'
Name:Josh Sprague

I was born in Ohio back in '78, but after college and some years in Indiana, I now live in Phoenix, Arizona where you can die just by standing outside in the summer. When the excitement of risks like this wear off, I tend to enjoy two-types of RPG's. I really like freeform universes like Morrowind and Gothic on one hand. On the other, I love classic PnP based games like Baldur's Gate and Fallout. I grew up on the Ultimas, Might and Magic, and Ultima Underworlds which I believe contributed to my exquisite tastes. I also sharpened my teeth on the old Sierra adventures, but they haven't been the same since they took out typing. I like the old Final Fantasies that came out for the Super Nintendo, but the series lost something along the way. I think the Knights of the Old Republic series picks up that something in it's own way and I really like those. I go through phases when it comes to MMO's. I'm always excited about the next thing, but it's never quite it when it arrives; someday though.

When not gaming, I'm preparing for grad school and wasting my funds on expensive plane tickets to places with cheap, good food. My interests, like my resume, are all over the place.
Name:Joost Mans

I've been with RPGDot since the beginning of 2001 and am doing webdesign, database design and an article every now and then. Besides that I also have my own site hosted by RPGDot, which is The Locus Inn. It started as a fan site for Planescape:Torment but covers now also Icewind Dale and Divine Divinity.

In real life I used to be a software developer/designer but am more of a Project Manager now for a large consumer electronics company.

Whenever I have some spare time left (which is not often) I try to play some RPGs... that is when my kids aren't playing on the PC :-)
Name:Frank Rieter-Lambers
Title:Editor-in-Chief @ UltimaDot

Jump over to UltimaDot for my full bio!

Title:Editor-In-Chief, Founder

Well, I am the one who started that frenzy back in 1999. And I was an oldtimer already back then :-). Born 1963, I am working as senior copywriter for BBDO in Vienna/Austria. Apart from computer roleplaying games, I am interested in astronomy (starting to spend more time on this again), music, literature and philosophy.
At RPGDot, I was responsible for strategic network development (which stands for coordination, visions and keeping the spirit up) as well as for relations to publishers, developers and advertisers, but have now retired. I am still visiting this site - and one never knows: maybe I will join the newsteam once again in the future.
Name:Folkert Brand
Title:Editor @ GothicDot

Well, I was born in 1986 and discovered Gothic 2 about 16 years later. Around that time I also found the Dot and became regular there.
That was the beginning of the end, because I now know I will never leave that world again. I've played some other RPG's but nothing could keep me away from Gothic. Another game that got me going too was Aquanox. I was a true pro once, that was before I found Gothic.

Since end 2005 I'm a news editor for GothicDot.

I study Maritime Engineering, that has a lot to do with ships, but nothing with games. ;) So don't come to me for all kinds of technical questions, I'm just a gamer.
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