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The Moment of Silence: Review @ Warcry

(PC: Adventures) | Posted by Kristophe @ Thursday - November 11, 2004 - 10:11 -
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Warcry's "Burn The Witch" (what a name for a game reviewer:-) unveils this fairly upbeat review of The Moment of Silence, in which "The Moment" is awarded an overall score of 8.1 out of 10...

After my first hour of playing The Moment of Silence, I really hated it. A slow beginning does the game no favors, but I wanted to know how things worked out for Peter, and, after promising myself to quit out in a few minutes, I found myself playing three hours later. The plot that unfolds grips until the very end and the ending seriously suggests a sequel may eventually appear. Still, the giant, black borders on screen and difficulty navigating between some areas give the impression that a better vehicle for The Moment of Silence would be a novel, or a film--not a video game. Those interested in Orwellian themes of dictatorship, state extension and secret police, mixed in with lengthy discussions on mass-consumerism and even some cursory philosophical debates on the subject of freedom would do well to check The Moment of Silence out. Those who want to shoot first and ask questions later should look elsewhere.

Gameplay: 8.0
Brilliant plot is dragged down by navigation and some obscurity issues
Graphics: 5.3
There is no rule that states all point and click games have to have shoddy, pre-rendered backgrounds, but House of Tales decided to go with them anyway.

Sound: 8.4
Mostly good voice acting, and the music fits the particular mood and design of a scene.
Entertainment: 7.6
At times completely consuming and gripping, at occasions unintentionally abstract and annoying.
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