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Horizons: Design & Confectioner Preview @ Official Site

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Inauro @ Wednesday - December 07, 2005 - 20:40 -
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The December Design Preview is now available at the official Horizons site.
Last month, Tulga Games visited GenCon, and got a lot of valuable feedback from folks who dropped by to check out Horizons and play for awhile. We found out what people think about the early game, and it helped give us some indication as to what we need to adjust to make it easier for new players just starting out for the first time.

This month, we will be primarily focusing on getting the Biped Tutorial completely overhauled and smoothly integrated into New Trismus and Lesser Aradoth. That does not mean that we will be setting aside the Confectioner revamp that we have been working on for awhile now. It just means that most of our time will be spent on the Biped Tutorial. Most, but by no means all.

Also of note, is the Confectioner Preview.

* Confectioner should be a necessary part of the Horizons system. That is, the products that are created should be in demand by the player-base.
* Confectioners should be able to create all foods through Tier5 (and eventually Tier6).
* Confectioners should be a source of social interaction for the Horizons player-base.

Food Breakdown:
There are three types of products that Confectioners will be able to create with the proposed system; Mundane, Beverages, and Mystical.

* Mundane - These foods are your standard foods for Horizons. They provide death-point reduction and contain normal harvested resources.
* Beverages - Brewed using natural and mystical resources, this area of the Confectioner school has yet to be fully defined.
* Mystical - Using resources that must be fought for, or are dangerous to obtain. Mystical foods provide buffs and augmentations in a manner similar to (but not encroaching upon) potions.
Source: Horizons
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