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Conan has been rated 8 times so far, average score: 5.63/10 points


No_SuRReNDeR has rated 6/10 points (Click here to see more Reviews from No_SuRReNDeR)

I love CONAN, let me start by getting that out of the way however the game is a bit of a let down. The intor sequenece had me drooling on my keyboard, but the bad control interface shakey camera and over all glitchiness left my wanting to cry. At certain specific places the game will crash -----nvidia gforce4t14600---is my card perhaps a patch could fix this but I hate how the graffix were both brilliant and sad at the same time --example--- the ice caverns were great but some little glitches bothered me like the mace that dissapears when you switch to an axe etc.... the key word is CONSISTANCY witha better battle engine, camera and more RPG elements this game COULD HAVE been a classic.

Bruno has rated 3/10 points (Click here to see more Reviews from Bruno)

And I give 3 because I like Conan in comic books, otherwise i will give it 2 or 1

zAp has rated 1/10 points (Click here to see more Reviews from zAp)

While the graphics are not bad, control of Conan is ridiculous and unacceptable. The camera views are pathetic. This is one of the worst games that I have played. Reminds me why I dumped console gaming!

joe has rated 8/10 points (Click here to see more Reviews from joe)

I liked it very much; graphics aren't so bad, sometimes a bit buggy; good story and not so repetetive action : some puzzles, some places where you have to find what to do, but never too hard to figure out... Very immersive trip once you forgot the not so bad battling system; reminded me Gothic : at the beginning, I thought : "damn, the controls are horrible, I will throw this CD right now!" and I played them hours and hours, finally even loving the ctrl key! Conan is a bit the same, combos are fun at the end and the game is even too easy!!! For those who like big travels, good stories and Howard's book, don't hesitate : it's certainly better than Schwarzy's movies or even 60's comics. Perfect, eye candy graphics aren't all...

JayEm has rated 3/10 points (Click here to see more Reviews from JayEm)

I have but just started playing this, but I think I can already say it sucks. I wanted to write this most of all to wonder if your original reviewer is paid by the game publisher? I mean, really.. intro is great? Bull, the intro doesnt inspire any of those sword and sorcery feelings the movie or the books or the comics do! And when they show him getting off his horse - which rides like a mechanical toy not like a real horse - you can see just how choppy he looks. And the whining villager in the intro is annoying in the extreme. Poorly done. In the beginning of the game itself you can immediately see how clumsily Conan moves and how stupid the fights seem. I do hope it gets a lot better later on.. I WILL keep trying but somebody should really give the original reviewer a reality check.

name has rated 6/10 points (Click here to see more Reviews from name)


Surge has rated 9/10 points (Click here to see more Reviews from Surge)

Nice one :)

Claw has rated 9/10 points (Click here to see more Reviews from Claw)

Not really a 9, but for the love of light some people drive me crazy. The game has many flaws that keep it from being great, but a 1 is a ridiculous rating. Most flaws of the game have been mentioned already, what annoyed me most was losing items, in specific places or when loading a savegame. Still, despite the aggravating flaws the game was still an enjoyable run. I am generally choosy and leave many games unfinished; therefore my Seal of Finishedness is a special honor for Conan. :D
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