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Gooka: The Mystery of Janatris - Review @ Just Adventure

(PC: Adventures) | Posted by Kristophe @ Saturday - October 02, 2004 - 10:58 -
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Just Adventure's Ugur Sener has his rather lukewarm review of Gooka: The Mystery of Janatris - he awards it an overall grade of C minus...

Excitement… the review copy of Gooka has finally arrived. The story, based on a book, is almost assured to be good. The gameplay is supposed to be a brilliant mix of adventure and RPG elements. What more can a gamer ask for? Well… apparently, a lot!

Still Early Evening: In front of the Monitor

The game starts as Gooka - the supreme judge of the land - returns home from a long journey full of adventures that the player knows nothing about. Gooka arrives at the town of Parenti to find his house burnt down, his wife poisoned, and his son kidnapped by unknown assailants. Hardly shaken by his grim discovery, he resolves to find a cure for his wife and rescue his son… and the player hopes hours of engaging gameplay experience are about to ensue as Gooka not only saves his family, but also unravels the great secrets of the planet Janatris.
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