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Two new Arx Fatalis Xbox Reviews

(Xbox: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Garrett @ Wednesday - January 21, 2004 - 17:23 -
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Two new reviews of Arx Fatalis Xbox have appeared on the net. The first is on Xbox Player, a French site, rating it with 16/20 points. The other one is similar positive on Extreme Gamer and offers an overall rating of 8/10 points; here's a snip:
Arx Fatalis has the mojo! Although the game isn't flashy, it has some memorable sequences. Trying to talk to a dead guy hanging in a cell is pretty cool and pretty useless. But Arx throws it all in to build a convincing world that has fallen below earth surface. Arx could use a graphical update and a filter on the echo, but besides that the game is pretty damn cool. The innovations are notable and throwing the meat on the barb-ie to feed the fighters belly is a great option. Arx has the hidden mojo, look hard and you will find.
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