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Haunting Ground (PS2): Walkthrough Available @ GameShark

(PS2: Adventures) | Posted by Kristophe @ Monday - July 04, 2005 - 13:23 -
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GameShark's Jeff "Judasen" McAllister has posted a whopping, 7 page walkthrough for those of you who may be having problems getting through Capcom's adventure-horror, Haunting Ground...

Chapter One:
Once you are in control of Fiona, make your way to the bottom of the screen and continue all the way forward until you see the set of stairs on the left. Climb up them all the way to the top and enter the door there. As you enter the bedroom, walk up the stairs towards the bed and a scene will play with the housekeeper. Now that you have some clothes, so put them on. Now you will have a few new actions to use. You can kick, throw, crouch, back step and push objects. Head over to the grand father clock near the stairs and save your game there. Next make your way through the door beside the bed and you will come out to a hallway. You can either go down the stairs to a locked door and a closet, or go to the far end of the hall to the door there. Go to the far end of the hall and you will come outside. Follow the walkway there and take a look at the blood smeared on the pillar. After her little panic attack, continue down the corridor and there will be a door on the right that will be locked.

Good luck:-)
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