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AdventureDot ISO "Special Feature" Editors
Kristophe, 2005-11-26

We are growing, and we are now looking for a few, highly motivated individuals who might like to pursue a rewarding (not that we can offer any kind of salary) career as one of AdventureDot's "Special Feature" Editors - the folks who are responsible for providing our Game Previews/Reviews/Editorials and other such articles. Are you the one? Do you have what it takes to do the job well? Please consider the following before applying

Primary Duties:

  • The Special Feature Editor researches out, develops relationships, and maintains liaison with Game Developers, Game Publishers, and other Gaming Public Relations people on a continual basis.
  • Unlike the Staff Editor who donates much of their time to reporting on a regular basis, the Special Feature Editor donates their time in gaining the required "hands on" experience required to be able to competently write about a given game. This can involve acquiring demos and review copies of games directly from a given Game Developer or Publisher, though more frequently will involve the Special Feature Editor's acquiring a game through their own resources.
  • The Special Feature Editor may be called upon (and sometimes frequently called upon) to do assist other Editors with some of the "insights" they may gain upon any given game, developer, publisher, etc., based upon the degree and kind of contact established with the same.

Secondary Duties:

  • Because the Special Feature Editor is a more independent position, staying in touch with the RPGDot team via team e-mails, etc., is of primary importance - if nothing else, just so that we know you are still alive and well.
  • Special Feature Editors will NOT be responsible for any kind of regular game reporting unless specifically requested for, and approved by, their Editor-In-Chief or Senior Editor.
  • Due to the special relationships a Special Feature Editor may develop, they may be called upon to assist AdventureDot in obtaining fankits, exclusive screenshots & artwork, logos, boxart, and such on an "as needed" basis. Additionally, they may be called upon to assist in maintaining the gaming database due to their intimate knowledge of gaming elements, release dates and/or release delays, etc.

Qualifications & Requirements:

  • First and foremost would be the ability to communicate well with others, coupled with the natural ability to get along well with (and work with) other people - very important when dealing with Game Developers, Game Publishers, Editors-In-Chief, etc.
  • Obviously, a high degree of competence in the English language is required. If you do not understand what competence in the English language entails, then this is not for you!! If you cannot make a coherent and grammatically correct sentence to save your soul, then this is (again) not for you!! If you do not have an online portfolio available, then active links to any online writings are permitted as part of your application. (Note: ability to use a spellchecker will be appreciated - and noted as well).
  • This should be a given, but high personal integrity and honesty are very definite requirements for a Special Feature Editor, due mainly to the very high degree of trust that is placed upon them - not only by AdventureDot, but by the rest of the RPGDot network; by the people they establish and maintain relationships with, etc.
  • Though not mandatory; a good working knowledge of HTML and formatting, as well as the ability to competently handle various online communications media such as Mirc and other "chat & conference" programs as required for doing special interviews, is a "plus" for any Special Feature Editor candidate. As a minimum, the ability to use WordPad in creating your features would be required
  • Some form of proven creative writing ability and/or related experience would be required - though, dependent upon a candidate's other qualifications, may be waived.

Remuneration/Salary & Benefits:

  • AdventureDot does NOT discriminate when determining staff salaries (We have no "salaries" - your work here is all voluntary).
  • AdventureDot does not make it possible to visit all the gaming events (unless you do so at your own expense) - but we actually do provide authentic press passes and such (available upon consent by our sponsor, Jolt.UK).
  • AdventureDot IS a great reference to any new Editor trying to establish a source of experience in the growing world of gaming reporting and public relations (based on proven performance, of course).

If you would still like to be a part of the AdventureDot family, then submit your online application (obviously with a short resume and/or at least tell us a little about yourself) to Kristophe@rpgdot.com

Thank you!!

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