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FreeWorld: Behind The Scenes Interview @ GameZone

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Moriendor @ Tuesday - November 30, 2004 - 23:08 -
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GameZone had the opportunity to take a peek behind the curtains at MindSurge to check out the current development status of the company's SciFi fantasy MMORPG 'FreeWorld'.
Question: First, with the plethora of online games flooding onto the market, what was your motivation for creating FreeWorld?

Clyde: I have been a gamer as long as I can remember. When the first MMORPGs hit the market (like Ultima Online) I fell in love with the MMORPG experience. The first MMORPGS where inspired with the love of old school pen and paper RPGs, and were full of new and innovative ideas that no one had ever seen before, but as time went on and the MMORPG market become more commercialized and corporately driven by companies. Their only concern was to make a fast buck and not really spend the time to find out what players really want, and make a game that applies to the new age of MMORPG players. So, we pulled together a group of hardcore gamers and started to build a game not only based off of our ideas but the ideas of our fans. Every member of our development team is an active part of our player community and they spend a lot of time reading every idea our players have and try to implement as many of them as we can. This is a game "Built By Gamers For Gamers."
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