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Planet Anachronox Retires

(PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Rendelius @ Thursday - June 13, 2002 - 11:54 -
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A sad posting on the front page of Planet Anachronox part of the Gamespy network) announces that the site will go unsupported soon:
    It is my sad duty to inform the Anachronox community that PlanetAnachronox will be retiring June 19th (Wednesday of next week).

    99% of the site (including the forums) will remain as-is. The most noticeable change will be that the front page will no longer carry news and POTDs. Instead there will be links to the most important things like the walkthrough, files, and forums. You can swing by PlanetDaikatana or PlanetDrakan to see how this will end up looking. Also, except for important releases like a new patch or a big mod, the site will no longer be updated with new content. This means that mewse, Maniac, and myself will hop in our shuttle and head off into the galaxy, never to return. The capable crew at GameSpy will be watching to make sure anything important gets onto the site.

    A big thanks go out to Tom Hall, the entire Anachronox development team, and Eidos, who've been so supportive of the site all these years. A big slap on the back to GameSpy too, who have always been there for PlanetAnachronox and it's staff despite years of minimal traffic and community activity.

    Best of luck to Anachronox players, old and new, and it's been a pleasure knowing you all.
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