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RPGDot "Mod Editors" Wanted
RPGDot Team, 2005-02-28

The positions have been filled, so there is no point in applying anymore

RPGDot is looking for a few, good people for our newly-created position(s) of "Mod Editor" - to create newsbits and, occasionally, do interviews and/or articles pertaining to fan-made game "mods/mod tools and mod news" on the games within our very large database.

Primary Duties
  • Traversing the internet for newly created game mods, mod tools, mod interviews, and mod news/articles/editorials pertaining to games in the RPGDot database.
  • Creating newsbits for all relevant, valid mod material uncovered.
  • Occasionally utilizing your creativity in writing Mod Articles (Editorials, Interviews, Mod Impressions and/or Mod Reviews, etc.).

Secondary Duties

  • Assisting other TeamRPGDot Editors, Editor-In-Chiefs, and Admins on an as needed basis.
  • Contributing to, and participation in, such diverse RPGDot activities as our annual GOTY (Game Of The Year Awards), Polls, etc.
  • Staying abreast of events throughout the RPGDot network by frequent perusings of TeamRPGDot e-mails.


  • Carefully submit the Day/Time you feel confident you can maintain for the purposes of Mod Reporting. This will greatly assist the RPGDot Staff in assigning Reporting Shifts on an "as needed" basis.
  • Obviously, some exposure and/or experience in Game Modding is desirable (Please Note: This does NOT include Game Hacking, WAREZ, Software Piracy experience, etc.), but not an overwhelming job requirement - as the RPGDot Staff will be available to assist the new Mod Editor(s) as needed.
  • Some creative writing skills, in addition to competent English grammatical skills and a fairly good comprehension of the English language, are a prerequisite for this position.
  • RPGDot Mod Editors must have the flexibility to both work independently on their newsbits and pet projects - yet also be able to fit in comfortably (and competently) in the occasional Team Effort.
  • Candidates for the Mod Editor position(s) should be dedicated , enthusiastic , individuals with a good sense of humor ; have an eye for detail and possible discrepancies in mod material; communicate well with others (i.e. for keeping in touch with Team events, notifying other team members of any "pet projects" you may be working on/planning future work on, maintaining a good working relationship with all of your "outside contacts", notifying other team members in the event you are unable to make any scheduled reporting, etc.); and should always be sincere in carrying out the Primary/Secondary duties of their position.

RPGDot Benefits

  • RPGDot does NOT discriminate when determining staff salaries (No one at RPGDot gets a salary of any kind:-)
  • RPGDot can be a source of documented position experience; as well as being a very worthwhile (and enjoyable) passtime.
  • RPGDot does make it possible to establish contacts in the games industry and visit the occasional games show.
  • RPGDot does NOT offer Health, Medical, Dental, Paid Vacations, Unemployment, or Retirement Benefits whatsoever (what we do offer is the opportunity to become a part of the greatest team in it's genre, working with some of the best people internationally).


If you are interested in applying, or desire more information, please feel free to contact us.

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