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Mount & Blade hits v.750

(PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Dhruin @ Thursday - April 13, 2006 - 04:59 -
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Armagan from Taleworlds has released v.75 for Mount&Blade. Here are the details:
Hi Folks,

Version 0.750 of Mount&Blade is ready for download! This version has few gameplay improvements but to compoansate for that, it has got a lot of polish. If you have been following the suggestions forum, you probably know that rejenorst has been helping us with the voices and I believe you'll agree with me that he has done a terrific job, once you play the new version Smile. Of course the rest of the team have been working very enthusiastically on the game as well, so version 0.750 feels a lot less rough around the edges. Very Happy

I want to thank all our community who have helped the new version so much with their suggestions and feedback, and also many thanks to our dear forum admins (And let me squeeze here a somewhat late welcome to our new admins, Deus Ex, Janus and Archonsod. You guys rule!) And of course let's not forget all those creative mod makers and the brilliant modding tool developers. They keep amazing and inspiring us with their fantastic work!

Being the lazy old me, I haven't maintained a proper changelog, but I'll just write down the changes from the top of my mind, and I am sure you folks will discover those changes I have missed (and the new surprises in the game -hint -hint) in no time!

Here we go:
  • Face generator has received an overhaul
  • New Launch window
  • A proper configuration window instead of the editing the configuration text.
  • Automatic render buffer resizing. That means no more "out of static vertex buffer" error for mods (unless you really run out of physical video memory of course.
  • Number of Party stacks is not limited anymore.
  • Mouse smoothing. (A million thanks to the kind souls who suggested that!)
  • Unarmed combat!
  • Lots of NPC voices and voice effects!
  • Some new sound effects
  • Anisotropic texture filtering for sharper looking textures.
  • All merchants and taverns have been furnished

And here's the installer for the new version: http://www.taleworlds.com/download/mountandblade_0750_setup.exe
You can find some examples of the new facial editor in this thread.
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