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Arx Fatalis Element of the Week 16

Garrett, 2001-11-23

Arx Fatalis is an RPG developed by Arkane Studios. It offers a number of interactions with objects and NPCs, realistic action fights, a unique real time spell casting system, character creation, dialogues, puzzles, exploration in an underground atmospheric world with various Cities inhabited by several races, galleries, dungeons and mines all intertwined by an unexpected epic plot.

We will bring you this Arx Fatalis Element of the week in collaboration with publisher Fishtank. In the past weeks we revealed some characters and spells of Arx Fatalis. This time we feature The Goblin Caves.

The Goblin Caves

Your journey through the world of Arx starts in a goblin prison cell, where you awake with no clue about what happened to you. You even don't know your name. After you managed to escape from the cell you'll soon enter the goblin caves.

These caves are a dark place. You'll urgently need a torch so you could see what's going on in the darkness which surrounds you. As you're not equipped with good weapons or armor at that time, wandering around this location is quite dangerous even with enough light. There is a good chance that you will encounter nasty rats and spiders and maybe also some bigger enemies like a goblin lord. It's also possible that you'll have to active your brain cells if you would like to reach certain areas. Surviving the journey through the goblin caves is certainly no easy task. But no one said, that your quest will be easy to accomplish…

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