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Baldur's Gate 2 - Throne of Bhaal
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EverQuest - Episode 1 Game Info
Description: One of the largest fantasy adventure games ever makes its debut on one of the smallest PC platforms in EverQuest for the Pocket PC! Become one of four heroes in the first episode of an intense and story-driven saga. The city of Freeport is imperiled and it is up to you to defend it against the rising forces of orcs and the undead. Can the city survive?

Your epic journey doesn't stop there: Continue in the follow up episodes 2 and 3 due out at a later date with the same character! Or, start over anew in each! The choice is yours. So no matter where you are, traveling your subway commute, enjoying an afternoon on the beach, or on your lunch break, EverQuest for the Pocket PC is your transport to high adventure!

Release date: To be announced
Homepage: http://eqpocket.station.sony.com/
Publisher: Sony Online
Developer: Emodiv
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On the Net:
- Everquest for Pocket PC announced (11.13.02)
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