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Ultima Underworld 1 Remake - with TES by Chad
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Excalibug Game Info
Description: When King Arthur draw the sword Excalibur out of Merlin's stone, a scale of it fell to the ground and buried itself in another stone, so the bug party has to find that newly created Excalbug ...
No kidding. Your party consists of bugs and beetles in this strategic RPG from Spanish Dinamic.
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Release date: Available since 09/15/2001
Homepage: http://www.dinamic.com/productos/catalogo/juegos/juego.asp?idproducto=86&idcategoria=7
Publisher: Dinamic Multimedia
Developer: Dinamic Multimedia
Screenshots: Excalibug Gallery
On the Net:
- Excalibug: Trailer released (06.27.01)

- Excalibug Review (09.15.01)
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