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Haxima Announced @ Nazghul Site

(PC: RPG-Making) | Posted by Parcival @ Friday - August 13, 2004 - 18:50 -
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I just noticed a promising announcement on the Nazghul site; Haxima will be the first full-featured game built with the nazghul engine. There are no details yet, but its nice to know the project is comming up to speed and has set its ambition to delivering a complete game.
In the mean time you can enjoy once again the most interesting Devblog on the web. Over the past few days some almost philosophical notes were added on the spell charm and the diplomacy tables.
Seems to be a couple of ways to do this:
Option A: Groups are non-hierarchical. A character has a set of groups (one might be himself only), and derives his net opinion from the opinion of all his groups, all groups being treated equally.
Option B: Same as A but each group has an associated affinity factor, which determines how much weight that group's opinion bears on the character's net opinion.
Option C: Hierarchical groups. A character again has a set of groups, but each group has an optional parent group. The ancestral distance of a group reduces the weight of its influence on the character.
The equation becomes more complicated when you consider that a character must not only account for the opinion of all of his own groups, he must consider those opinions about all of the groups of the subject in question!
In other games its typical for characters to be in one and only one group, and for the player to be in his own group. That makes it very simple to figure out opinions. And it seems like a reasonable simplification, so I'll go with that.

Enjoy more here.
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