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Horizons: Interview @ Horizons Vault

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Moriendor @ Monday - April 15, 2002 - 18:28 -
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Horizons Vault has put Greg Yurkovich from Artifact Entertainment on the grill and inquired him about his company's ambitioned MMORPG Horizons.

Here's an interesting snip (Horizon has been sailing through troubled waters in the not too distant past):

    Can you let us know financially where Artifact Entertainment is today and what needs to be done financially to get Horizons out the door?

    Greg: Well, I can say that with the money that's been invested by several committed groups, we have made some major progress and are nearing the completion of Horizon's core technology. We are currently nearing the completion of a round of financing, which will fund development of the game until the end of this year. At that point, we will probably consider several options to get us fully funded, but we are not really concerned at this point that it will be a problem given their current progress. We would always be interested in adding another group of well-connected investor to our base though. We are pleased with the company because it has done such a great job of meeting and exceeding all of its major milestones. I think that the team is more anxious than us to get the product into gamers' hands.

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