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Horizons: Interview with Matt Burroughs

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Rendelius @ Thursday - September 27, 2001 - 12:02 -
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Matt Burroughs of Artifact Entertainment got interviewed by the folks over at Horizons MMORPG. They said about two weeks ago that they would be quiet, concentrating on the game and less on public relations - well, good they aren't keeping their promise *g*. Here's something from the interview:

    HM: Is this black-out just the time you guys need to be left alone to "put her together"?

    MB: The black-out, as mentioned in our press release, is a result of our focus on development. The task is a little more complicated then just "putting it together", so the quiet period helps us to concentrate on getting the game to Gold. It is very important that we reach the final milestone with a solid product, with solid technology, and solid tools behind it. Many online games have troubled releases, and we are spending the time during this black-out to make sure that when the window of information does reopen, that things run smoothly and as intended.

    HM: Will AE open itself up to the community like it has before during the beta testing periods?

    MB: Yes... more so in fact. We have plans to not only reopen the message boards, but we will be providing an completely revamped FAQ, customer service tools, fan kits, screenshots, and plenty of back story all to go along with our plans for open beta testing.
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