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Introducing Conan The Cimmerian

(PC: Single- & Multi-Player RPG) | Posted by Garrett @ Thursday - May 29, 2003 - 16:00 -
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After a long absence from the computer gaming scene, a new Conan game is about to appear soon! Slovakian company Cauldron is doing Conan the Cimmerian, a 3D action game with RPG elements. Here's the feature list from the official site, no screenhsots available yet though!

  • Conan is a 3rd person action game, with few elements of RPG and adventure.

  • The game is divided into chapters, each chapter with different enviroment and creatures. Each chapter contains several levels.

  • Its powerful graphical enviroment, with breathtaking special effects, is outmatched only by its epic atmosphere and incredible action. The new engine, developed especially for Conan, allows real time lighting, volumetric lights and shadows and also a huge number of fantastic graphical effects . This engine makes it possible to create different outdoor and indoor enviroments, from frozen landscapes to deserts and lava lakes inside burning volcanoes. The special effects include water reflections, smoke and fire particles, magic attacks and much more. All of them and the fierce battles with deadly enemies, many of which have never been seen on a computer screen before, makes Conan a smashing action-adventure game.

  • There is a number of logical puzzles and traps, which are waiting to be solved. The RPG system allows Conan to gain experience and learn new, more powerful attacks or abilities to vanquish his enemies. The advanced AI makes possible various defensive and offensive tactics against different enemies, dependig on their inteligence level (animal, undead, human, etc.).

  • There are many of different arenas waiting for players to be entered. In these bloody battles you can take part as one of the game characters, including Conan himself, or as an absolutely new character, developed only for the arena mode.

  • New original music tracks are combined with the monumental music from the first Conan movie, Conan: The Barbarian, by Basil Poledouris.
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