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Horzions with Geodesic

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Rendelius @ Tuesday - January 08, 2002 - 02:27 -
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Artifact Entertainment has issued a press release at the official site about an addition to the the development and the game itself:


    Geodesic to Provide Full-Lifecycle Support for Groundbreaking Development

    CHICAGO - January 7, 2002 - Geodesic Systems, a leading provider of software
    solutions that automatically improve the performance and reliability of
    business-critical systems, today announced that Artifact Entertainment has
    added Geodesic software as an important new member of its “dream team” of
    computer game developers. Unlike the firm’s usual programmers who work in
    cubicles, the Geodesic software actually will work inside the code that runs
    their hotly anticipated new title Horizons to optimize server up time and
    reliability for its uniquely passionate breed of customers.
    “Up-time is absolutely critical to the online gaming world,” says James
    Jones, president of Artifact Entertainment. “If a server goes down, it’s
    literally the end of the world for our players. Geodesic software provides
    ongoing protection against that.”
    Artifact has licensed Geodesic’s GreatCircle® and High Availability Runtime
    (HAR)™ solutions to support development of Horizons, a subscription-based,
    interactive fantasy world, peopled by thousands of simultaneous, real-time
    players. With Horizons, Artifact aims to bring the Massively Multi-Player
    Online Gaming (MMOG) experience, already popular among the hardcore gaming
    crowd, to the masses proving to be receptive to fantasy-based storylines,
    movies and merchandise. To do that, Artifact has assembled a virtual
    all-star team of game programming talent.
    “Being selected for use in a multi-player gaming environment proves the
    power of our software,” says Michael Spertus, Geodesic’s chief technology
    officer. “For Horizons to be successful, Artifact’s servers simply cannot
    crash. Great Circle and our High Availability Runtime will be Artifact’s
    safety net, enabling the development team to focus on what they do best -
    creating breakthrough game experiences.”
    On the front end, Geodesic’s Great Circle already is helping Artifact
    developers create cleaner code, providing error detection and code diagnosis
    during development. At deployment, High Availability Runtime will be
    embedded in the Horizons application, using its patented Run-time Diagnosis
    and Remediation (RDR™) technology to find and fix potentially devastating
    errors while the application is running. This will ensure a seamless
    experience for Horizons players.
    Only weeks after installing GreatCircle, the benefits are apparent.
    “Since our team started using Geodesic software, we’re ahead of schedule,”
    reports Jones. “Errors that used to take us days to locate, GreatCircle
    finds in minutes. We expect Geodesic products to pay for themselves many
    times over, with better server performance leading to lower hardware costs,
    less co-location and reduced maintenance fees.”
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