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Two Anachronox reviews

(PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Rendelius @ Tuesday - September 25, 2001 - 11:58 -
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Two new Anachronox reviews popped up on the net today. The first one is at Eurogamer; and with a score of 7/10 it's positive, but not too positive. Here's their conclusion:

    Anachronox was in development at Ion Storm's ill-fated Dallas office for four long years before finally emerging earlier this summer, almost two years late and a few million dollars over budget. A patch was available before the game was even released in Europe, but as the team that created it was kicked out the door right behind the game, the chances of any significant support in future are faint to say the least. It also seems highly unlikely that the planned second part of the game will ever see the light of day, despite the fact that much of the content for it is apparently already done.

    This leaves Anachronox as a flawed classic, with moments of true genius marred by bugs and rough edges which could really have used a few more months of polishing.

The second review is at GameNation, and much more positive with a 86% rating. Again, read their conclusion here:

    Although it often appears to be a "serious" science fiction game, and it certainly is grounded in hard-core theories of spatial anomalies and tachyon interferences, the game is really just one big goofy romp filled with cute gags. There's the airport clerk who likes to rub his butt up against the conveyor belt and the poor soul who's head is stuck in the elevator doors on the third floor of a galactic hotel.

    My favourite is a sequence of cut-scenes that happen about half way through the game when the party is adrift, helplessly in space for several weeks and we discover the desperate things they do just to entertain themselves.

    Anachronox is an unusual, yet very entertaining game, one that while it may not inspire a kind of love from its players the way that Final Fantasy or Baldur's Gate games do, it's certainly worth spending your Canadian loonies on and I can easily recommend it.
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