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The Moment of Silence: Interview @ Just Adventure

(PC: Adventures) | Posted by Kristophe @ Tuesday - March 08, 2005 - 12:59 -
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Just Adventure's Bob Freese brings along his highly interesting interview with Martin Gantefohr of the House of Tales: The Moment of Silence...

Ive played the available demo download and am very impressed. This looks like a blockbuster adventure game to me. Please, could you give us some info on House of Tales, how and when you started, your staff, and the games youve produced?

House of Tales is owned and operated by my partner Tobias Schachte and me. Weve been working together for nine years now, starting with educational games and consumer applications for the German market. In 1998/1999 we founded the House of Tales label and began with the development of the (in)famous adventure game Mystery of the Druids, our first step into the wondrous world of international game development. After the completion of MOTD, we released several adventure games for mobile phones and came up with The Moment of Silence, our largest and most ambitious development project so far. Right now weve a new, very challenging and exciting full-price title in development and no its not a sequel to Moment of Silence (MOS).
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