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Wizardry 8 Review at gaminggroove

(PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Rendelius @ Saturday - February 09, 2002 - 04:45 -
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An extremely positive review of Wizardry 8 can be found at gaminggroove today. Their rating is a whopping 184.4/200, and here's a bit that just reflects how much they enjoyed the game:
    The sound in the game is worthy of special mention. Both the sound effects and ambient music are excellent. The soundtrack was composed by veteran Kevin Manthei, and is so good that I've actually moved it to my regular mp3 play list. Sound effects are comprehensive and frequently grand, especially the spell casting effects. Getting hit with enemy spells often sounds much more violent than it is, as when a flurry of "whipping rocks" flies at your party, then smacks them in their respective faces. While the game doesn't really lend itself to any sort of competitive multiplayer, itís also missing a cooperative multiplayer option. Probably spoiled by that option in Balderís Gate, I missed it here, and think the game would have been even better with a co-op mode. Apparently Wizardry 8 is going to be the last RPG we see from Sir-Tech. Itís a shame, because this is a great game. Itís not perfect Ė combat can be tedious, and the game world is a little small. And while I've been prejudiced towards first-person RPG's since Ultima Underworld, this is the first one that I've immediately started replaying once the credits rolled for the first time. With an incredible wealth of characters, races, and play styles available for users to customize, itís just about impossible to see it all the first time around.
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