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EverQuest - Champions Of Norrath (PS2)
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Neverend Gallery
Sia' Garrett' Manzari, 2003-09-23

Some new screenshots from Neverend for your viewing pleasure

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In the world of brave knights and beautiful virgins there roams a lonely creature Agavaen - an ancient fairy with broken wings. Humans are afraid of her and despise her so she found her place among the thieves. It is not a fairy-like life but however… at least she belongs to someplace. Until a day when it all changes. Most of the thieves are gone as well as all the money and the drunk captain decides to turn his anger on her. It has to be mentioned that just before he died, he realised his mistake, but Agavaen stays alone again to step on her uncertain journey for happinnes in the magic world of Neverend.



Neverend is a RPG that is divided into three main aspects:

-          Locations displayed by the pre-rendered background and engine-rendered characters and objects. The computer at the same time works with a simplified model of the scene that enables nice scenes with more than a million polygons and concurrently have full interaction with the surroundings. Dialogues and the adventure part of the game both take place in the locations.

-         Combat scenes are full 3D with moving camera that dynamically adjusts to the combat situation. Apart from many weapon blows and spells it is also possible to use combos and special moves.

-         The map permits liberty of movement and is also full 3D. It allows the player to travel between locations and discover new parts of the game world.


Key Features


-         Cute and stunning epic story

-         Main character advancement and its transformation into a true ancient fairy

-         The possibility to create your own spells using the rune system

-         ATBS (active time battle system) adding dynamics to combat as well as the possibility to use a lot of hits, blows, weapons and special combos

-         Advanced sound engine with the support of 3D sound , EAX 2.0 and EAX 3.0

-         Game engine using full 3D map traveling, combat and complicated pre-rendered scenes in combination with rendered characters and objects, full interactivity with the game surroundings

-         A lot of adventure-like items and non-linear dialogue branching

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