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Horizons: Patch Notes @ Official Site

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Inauro @ Friday - February 10, 2006 - 20:48 -
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The Blight shard patch notes for 9 February 2006 are available at the official Horizons site.
* The Paladin ability Life Strike now has an associated special attack animation and particle effect.
* Monk ability Mind over Body now has an associated particle effect.
* Additional quests added to the Weaver Trainer at Level 10, 50, 70, and 80.
* Dragon ability “Tail Whip” II through V will now do crush damage.
* Dragon quest “Deliver a Load of Spell Shards” will now give proper directions to Jynasix.
* Kelakhan will no longer give the “Gain Breath of Fire III” quest more than once.
* Corrected the XP values for Maelstones when creating them using the Journeyman Maelstone formula.
* Trophy Hunters will now accept trophies of their tier or below.
* Bariente the Trophy Hunter in Chiconis has been replaced by the Dragon Council with Baltorros, an adult Helian.
* Tier 2 Lunus Gemworking Chamber now spawns a Gem Cutter.
* Ice Attack spells will no longer filter improperly in the Summoning category.
* Raise Armor V will now filter in the “Boons” category.
* Added Spirit Isle which is the new location where all non-Dragon characters will begin the game. Ryson Stormbringer is there as well as Gravus the Craft Trainer and Cellardus the Adventurer Trainer.
Source: Horizons
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