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The Moment of Silence: Review @ Adventure Archive

(PC: Adventures) | Posted by Kristophe @ Saturday - October 23, 2004 - 10:27 -
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Adventure Archive's "Slydos" brings us this "Moment of Silence" review - it receives an overal score of 90% out of 100%...

The release lists let already suspect a 'Hot Autumn". With their SF-thriller "The Moment of Silence" The German developer studio House of Tales aims deliberately at an explosive quantum leap, to catapult the adventure genre into the still new millenium.

Many games are like Christmas crackers - beautifully packed but up to a snatch of amusement and a little bit of checkered confetti, which can be easily shaken off, rather hollow inside.

During "The Moment of Silence" you will recoil too. "The Moment of Silence" is also beautifully packed (by the way in a mini flap box), impressively entertaining and sometimes colourful, but that's not all. This adventure game comes from Germany. Why I mention it? We are specialists with a sense for the problem of state-run surveillance and manipulation because we've had a long experience with it.

Anyhow "The Moment of Silence" envolves the players into a story, that can't be easily peeled away like a shower of ticker-tape or a radio commercial.
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