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Jagged Alliance 3: More Forum Tidbits

(PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Dhruin @ Wednesday - April 28, 2004 - 04:43 -
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Richard Therrion from Strategy First has been active in the new Jagged Alliance 3 forums. In particular, the following bits from this thread are interesting - but confusing. In response to a query on multiplayer from DiAnna, Richard had this to say:
Nothing to worry about DiAnna. This tactical system evolution would be more a multiplayer related mode of play.

There is a problem when considering multiplayer for turn base systems. This problem is the amount of time that it takes before it is your turn again. If we are to have a multiplayer mode for JA3, something has to be done about that. Same for Disciples.

This being said, dumbing down the single player tactical system to support variations for multiplayer gaming is out of the question. Adding options on how the multiplayer is dealt with is a must though.

Consider just this possibility:
An additional initiative factor based on certain stats, the amount of unused movement points in the previous turn and the health state of a merc or player character could be used to create an initiative based 'unit turn' instead of a 'whole team turn' in multiplayer. This is an example of how you can cut down on the impression of down time a player must support while waiting for his turn, since everybody gets to play more often but for shorter periods. (In other words, all units get 'their' turn and not necessarily all at the same time as opposed to a player getting 'his' turn and moving all his units around in that turn). One advantage of such a system is that the order of initiative in the turn (who gets to play in which order) is variable in that it depends on units being injured or not or having saved their moves or not. (Saving your movement points would give you initiative points for the next turn unless they were used up during an interrupt sequence).

There is also the possibility of having a timer option in multiplayer so that every unit has a certain amount of time to decide what he will do.

There are also more possibilities. The idea is to get an optional set of rules that would be available for multiplayer purposes and let the players decide if they want to play that way or if they prefer playing the way they were used to.

Hope I was making sense here.
DiAnna further makes this comment:
But... but... I WANT a "simple sequel". I want JA3 to be just like JA2, with tweaked up graphics, a different huge map (but still a map) and my same old AIM/MERC buddies to trek off on a new adventure. Okay, okay... I want molotov cocktails too, and grenades that actually DO something for crowd control (check out the blast damage on the VietNam and Urban Chaos mods! Hubbbbbbahhhh!)
Sounds reasonable - I think we all want a "direct" sequel. Richard answers with this:
Well this is not JA3, this is yet another product. Wait for the announcements.
Source: RPG Codex
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