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Arx Fatalis Element of the Week 3

Myrthos, 2001-08-23

Arx Fatalis is an RPG developed by Arkane Studios. It offers a number of interactions with objects and NPCs, realistic action fights, a unique real time spell casting system, character creation, dialogues, puzzles, exploration in an underground atmospheric world with various Cities inhabited by several races, galleries, dungeons and mines all intertwined by an unexpected epic plot.

We will bring you this Arx Fatalis Element of the week in collaboration with publisher Fishtank. After the Goblins and Humans of the last 2 weeks, we now present you the Snake women, also knows as the Sisters of the Edurneum.

The Sisters of the Edurneum
It seems that the Order of the Edurneum has always existed. As far as the elders can remember, the sisters have been at the king's service for ages. Since the sun died on Arx, they are the most helpful allies humans ever had. Very few is known about the sisters, even their own origin is a mystery.
They look like half woman and half snake. Their skin is covered with scales. Are they a species of a long forgotten race or simply mutated women? Nobody knows the answer. These snake-women possess also very strong magical abilities what makes them the most powerful sorcerers on Arx.

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Here are two more of these gorgeous snake-women the player will encounter in the game.

Zalnashh the mother superior
Zalnashh is the leader of the Sisters of the Edurneum. She is capable of great magical power and teaches her companions well. She is the type of (half) woman no one wants as an enemy, that's for sure. She decides also if the player is worthy to obtain the legendary Zohark.

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Syllashh the librarian
If you ever wanted to buy a book like "How to be a good cook" then Syllashh is the right snake-woman to visit. She stays in the library all day long. If you need money you could also sell some of your old books to her too. And maybe you'll find a book on the shelves in her library which reveals some of the mysteries of the world of Arx...

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Average Reader Ratings: 7.95 (337 votes)
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