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RPGDot Game Rating Machine
Garrett has rated the following games:

AD&D Core Rules: 8/10 points

not a game, but a digital collection of rules, hero & dungeon generator and mor

Ancient Evil: 4/10 points

Came out BEFORE Diablo 1, and looks and plays a lot like Blizzard's first masterpiece - only it was not as good. Maybe Blizzard cloned this one?

Ancient Evil - Curse of the Snake Cult: 3/10 points

Anvil of Dawn: 8/10 points

Good game, a little to linear and no real 3D - but for 1995/96, any RPGs were gratefully played. But this is really a good game!

Arcanum - Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura: 7/10 points

Arcatera: The Dark Brotherhood: 3/10 points

Not worth a look, crappy graphics, low atmoshere, poor gameplay.

Arx Fatalis: 10/10 points

A killer game, Underworld is back - nuff said!

Baldur's Gate: 8/10 points

Baldur's Gate - Tales of the Sword Coast: 9/10 points

Better than the sometimes booring BG1 - takes the game towards BG2

Baldur's Gate 2 - Shadows of Amn: 10/10 points

A fantastic game - period!

Baldur's Gate 2 - Throne of Bhaal: 10/10 points

As good as the main proggie. Never seen an expansion with so much gameplay

Bard's Tale 1 - Tales from the Unknown: 7/10 points

Nice classic, a little to dim reg gameplay from todays point of view

Betrayal at Krondor: 8/10 points

A good game, somel enghts in the story and gameplay though.

Betrayal in Antara: 6/10 points

Somehow it didn't live up to the original Betrayal at Krondor.

Birthright: The Gorgon's Alliance: 4/10 points

one of the strangest and most idsappointing games ever. AD&D license, great screenshots, many promises - but the final game was nothing than a confusing mix of strategy and poor 3D battles

Black & White: 6/10 points

Quite overhyped and not a RPG to me. I somehow don't like these giant creatures

Blade of Darkness: 7/10 points

Grat graphics, but only action-like gameplay

Bloodstone: An Epic Dwarven Tale: 8/10 points

another nice game from mindcraft (magic candle series)

Challenge Of The Five Realms: 9/10 points

A Ultima clone from Microprose, graphically like Ultima 6, but released ater Ultima 7s, this one offered good gameplay and an epic story.

Crusaders of Might & Magic: 5/10 points

Strange game - low atmosphere, low gameplay, only good graphics. Too less to make a good game. A classic example that the real Might & Magic series, while offering worse graphics, is more fun due to the gameplay.

Cybermage: 9/10 points

Wizardry meets Ultima? DW Bradley designed this game for Origin - it got lost a bit in the XMas sales of 1995, but was an extremely well designed Action-RPG!

Darkest Day: 8/10 points

A very nice mod, not as good as the original BG2, but outstanding for a mod

Darklands: 7/10 points

took me some time to get used to the game, but after some time, it kept me sucking in deeper and deeper. ugly grafx though, never liked the aquarellesque style

Deathkeep: 4/10 points

the last RPG by SSI before their comeback PoR2 in 2001. Deathkeep was a consle port to the PC and not worth another look. Bad graphics, ugliest automap ever and simple hack'n'slash gameplay...

Demise: Rise of the Ku'tan : 6/10 points

A strange game indeed - very crude everything at first sight, but somehow kept me playing on adn on. The manual was excellent: Mega detailed, but I find anything there within seconds

Descent To Undermountain: 10/10 points

A 10??? For this??? I agree, the game was the worst RPG by Interplay maybe, and among the worst RPGs ever. The Descent engine was all but suited for a RPG. A pity, the story and gameplay were nice. But the game is cult! And it will soone be banished into the lower regions of this Top 100 list, so forive the 10 rating :)

Deus Ex: 8/10 points

Diablo 2: 6/10 points

Stupid errors in gamedesign (no savegame, respawning monsters etc) made this a nono for me

Dink Smallwood: 5/10 points

A nice shareware RPG by RT Soft - it is available for free now

Disciples 2 - Dark Prophecy: 7/10 points

A good Heroes of MM like game, without touching the class of its exemplar

Divine Divinity: 8/10 points

A nice mixture from Baldur's Gate, Ultima 7 and Diablo

Dragon Lore: 6/10 points

Cryo'S only halfway playable games werethe two Dragon Lore action-adventure-RPGs Dragon Lord

Dragon Lore 2: 5/10 points

another soulless game from Cryo - booooring actually

Dragonfire: The Well Of Souls: 4/10 points

A rather poor Diablo clone

Druid: Demons of the Mind: 5/10 points

a poor game by Sir Tech. A single player isometric RPG

Dungeon Lords: 8/10 points

see my review at rpgdot here

Dungeon Master 2 - The Legend of Skullkeep: 8/10 points

too late - too less, but still a nice game, not another classic as dm1 of course

Dungeon Siege: 6/10 points

Great Graphics, poor gameplay!

Elder Scrolls 1 - Arena: 6/10 points

The first try what took three games to get a masterpiece

Elder Scrolls 2 - Daggerfall: 6/10 points

Very buggy and you get lost in the large world without a proper storyline.

Elder Scrolls 3 - Morrowind: Bloodmoon: 8/10 points

repetetive and still lifeless - will appeal to all MW fans though

Elder Scrolls Legend - Battlespire: 8/10 points

Terribly heavy combat, but finally an Elder Scrolls game, that did have a tighter story. Somehow Underworld-like, but not as moody

EverQuest - Champions Of Norrath: 8/10 points

Champions is a great game. The graphics and gameplay and sound design are awesomely detailed. the two biggest drawbacks are the few graphical glitches in the game that should have never made it past the beta, and the lack of online players. Please, solve one of these problems. GET THE GAME AND COME PLAY WITH US!

EverQuest - Ruins of Kunark: 1/10 points

A MMOPRG? Buzz offffffff

EverQuest - Shadows of Luclin: 5/10 points

Evil Islands: 6/10 points

horribly heavy combat, until patched. Good graphics

Faery Tale Adventure 2 - Halls Of The Dead: 7/10 points

Great for a few days, but repetitive gameplay made it booring

Fallout - A Post Nuclear Adventure: 10/10 points

Good one, but I prefer the classic fantasy setting!

Fallout 2: 7/10 points

Final Fantasy VIII: 2/10 points

*yuck* this big-eyed japanese cartoon grafx make me run away, at least in pt 7 & 8

Gorasul - The Legacy of the Dragon: 6/10 points

This is a Baldur's Gate Clone, but having been released AFTER Baldur's Gate 2, this title falls short even if comared to Baldur's Gate 1 only. Nevertheless, it is a good game, has its moments and loosing to one of the best RPGs arounf is no thing to be ashamed of!

Gothic: 9/10 points

Gothic 2: 9/10 points

Excellent RPG...The #1 RPG Highlight of 2003. Outbests Morrowind by far, as its world is richer, more alive. Best RPG next to Arx Fatalis these days!

Heretic: 7/10 points

a nice shooter

Heroes of Might & Magic: 7/10 points

Heroes of Might & Magic 2 - Succession Wars: 8/10 points

The best of the Heroes series IMO. Somehow, I didn't get into HoMM3, neither into HoMM4.

Heroes of Might & Magic 3 - The Shadow of Death: 7/10 points

nice expansion, some improvements over the original

Heroes of Might & Magic 4: 8/10 points

Just as good as Heroes 3...some ups and downs comapred to it...solid!

Hexen - Beyond Heretic: 8/10 points

a classic fantasy FPS

Hexen 2: 7/10 points

hey, it was quite fun actually...no RPG, but fun to play

Hexen 2 - Portal of Praevus: 6/10 points

fun action game in a fantasy environment

Hired Guns: 5/10 points

Ahhh, I remember the PC Version, which was full of bugs and crashed every 10 mins :(

Icewind Dale: 8/10 points

A nice dungeon crawl - a little too heavy reg combnat IMO

Icewind Dale - Heart of Winter: 7/10 points

Icewind Dale 2: 9/10 points

A rock-solid RPG...but I think I can't take more Infinity Engine games...except for an IWD2 expansion maybe :)

Keef the Thief: 7/10 points

hehe - a light-weight RPG, but super grafx and music...

Keys to Maramon: 8/10 points

Another Ultima-like game from Mindscape, not as good as the Magic Candle series, this one was also not concluded, even though the story let a lot of sequel open

King's Quest 8 - The Mask of Eternity: 8/10 points

The King's Quest series in its final installment turned out to be an adventure game with some nice RPG elements in full 3D. Not sooo beautiful, but some nice puzzles

Knights of Xentar: 1/10 points

Another stupid wannabe RPG from Japan

Lands of Lore 2 - Guardians of Destiny: 7/10 points

good, sometimes average...i like dawn a lot!!!!

Lands of Lore 3: 7/10 points

somehow, lands of lore declined to a mediocre series after a great start; part 2 was ok, but this one was quite anattractive, which may be also because they didn't use the human actors -did I mention I liked Dawn a lot?

Legends of Might & Magic: 5/10 points

Totally uminspired Online-Only Tactical-Shooter. If it really wants to be a medieval Counterstrike, either it is totally bad done or Counterstrike's success is an absolute mystery to me

Legends of Valour: 5/10 points

a wannabe Underworld - seems US Gold wanted a piece of the cake, but failed

Lord of the Rings: 7/10 points

an average game at best, but nice music and atmosphere

Lord of the Rings 2 - The Two Towers: 6/10 points

somehow, this sequel from the early 90s did not as good as part 1 and was not concluded...

Magic Candle: 9/10 points

An Ultima clone, but very well done

Magic Candle 2 - The Four And Forty: 10/10 points

Magic Candle was a clone of the Ultima series, but very well made. This second part is a diamond in the rough, but gave me a great time playing it!

Magic Candle 3: 9/10 points

A good one again, not as brilliant as pt2 as very nice still

Menzoberranzan: 7/10 points

A fun AD&D title with Drizzt Do'Urden in your party!!!

Meridian 59: 3/10 points

Tried this years ago, and this one was just like all the other MMORPGs: Lifeless, storyless, boooooring

Might & Magic 6 - The Mandate of Heaven: 10/10 points

Might & Magic 7 - For Blood and Honor: 10/10 points

MM at its best!

Might & Magic 8 - Day of the Destroyer: 8/10 points

A little repetitive and a really booring stoyline, but addictive gameplay as ever!

Might & Magic 9: 10/10 points

Simply a great RPG

Necromania - Trap of Darkness: 2/10 points

I have just tried the demo, but this is a no-no by all means. terrible graphics, ridiculous sprite animation...should there be some gameplay hidden somewhere, I ask you to tell me where.

Neocron: 1/10 points

Another f****g MMORPG

Neverwinter Nights: 8/10 points

A little disappointing, because I expected more from the creators of the Baldur's Gate saga. But it offers almost everthing that makes a RPG addictive! Outbests Dungeon Siege by far.

Nightstone: 3/10 points

not really worth another look - a poor Diablo clone only

Paradise Cracked: 2/10 points

Horrible game...it is turn based and one turn takes several ten seconds to finish...and it totally lacks any atnosphere...

Planescape: Torment: 9/10 points

very nice game, very unusual setting, very nice adaption of the infinity engine

Planet's Edge: 8/10 points

Yes, indead great game, maybe the best SciFi RPG next to System Shock

Pool of Radiance - Ruins of Myth Drannor: 6/10 points

Quite booring, lack of atmosphere, repetitive dungeon design

Prince of Qin: 3/10 points

not my kind of game, i don't like the setting, the grafx and it has too many strategical elements

Quest for Glory 1 - So You Want to be a Hero?: 8/10 points

The start of a cool series, which came to a bitter end with QfG 5. But the first 4 parts were all very enjoyable!

Quest for Glory 2 - Trial by Fire: 9/10 points

My favourite QfG game nexto to pt 4! A pity the series died!

Quest for Glory 4 - Shadows of Darkness: 10/10 points

The best in the series, unfortunately the first version was buggy as hell. Fantastic moody atmosphere and great music

Ravenloft 1 - Strahd's Possession: 8/10 points

SSI goes 3D - good, but nothing spectacular

Ravenloft 2 - Stone Prophet: 7/10 points

nice, but nothing spectacular

Revenant: 8/10 points

one of the better Diablo clones, this one was totally underrated. Extremely nice grafx (at least for 99) and a good story...inventory and interface were better than Diablo also

Sea Dogs: 7/10 points

A nice game, but leaves enough room for improvements...maybe in Sea Dogs 2?

Septerra Core: 8/10 points

Oh, forgot about this gem...yes, it was very nice and very atmospheric - weak in controls though

Seven Spirits of Ra: 7/10 points

A fun game, but no real RPG whatsoever it makes it a bit booring in the strategy parts

Shadow Caster: 9/10 points

a *very* nice Action-Adventure from Origin following Ultima Underworld 1 & 2. Even offered limited RPG elements!

ShadowFlare: 5/10 points

A 9 for this??? Are you kidding??? A very mediocre Diablo Clone, and it has all its flaws: limited inventory, stupid save game system, no RPG gameplay. And it also took over the gates, which were called teleports in Diablo!

Siege of Avalon: 6/10 points

this game wanted the best of both worlds (i.e. Diablo and Baldur's Gate), but didn't manage to succeed, even though grafx and sound were ok.

Soulbringer: 5/10 points

disappointing. too dark and poor gameplay

Stonekeep: 8/10 points

I really liked it, it had a nice atmosphere, but combat was too heavy, so I quit about half way

Suikoden 3: 10/10 points

This is a great RPG that I'm just really getting into. The plot is great with some surprising twists and turns. I have played for only 20 hours so far and towards the end of Thomas's first chapter you can't help but like him and want to help him out personally in his predicament. I'm looking forward to beating the game and then going through it again with a guide handy and finding all the extras that I will miss the first time through. A must have for any PS2 owning RPG fan.

Summoner: 8/10 points

good game, but could have been better, with some tweaks in the grpahics engine. cities tned to be quite sterile!

System Shock: 10/10 points

Oh my, this brings back memories; Shodan and the unique atmosphere, the skill system, the story...a very enjoyable gaming experience

System Shock 2: 9/10 points

probably the most underated game ever even though it was not as good as its prequel.

Throne of Darkness: 6/10 points

Diablo with 3 party members

Ultima 6 - The False Prophet: 9/10 points

great for 1990! seems like Origin had to play around with VGA graphics before their masterpiece Ultima 7 1&2

Ultima 7 - Serpent Isle (Sequel): 10/10 points

As great as Black Gate! Why can't such RPGs be made anymore?

Ultima 7 - Silver Seed (Addon to Sequel): 5/10 points

redundant expansion to a great game...only added some storyless hours of gameplay

Ultima 7 - The Black Gate: 10/10 points

A classic, a masterpiece, maybe the best RPG out there!

Ultima 7 - The Forge of Virtue (Addon ): 5/10 points

redundant expansion to a great game...only added some storyless hours of gameplay

Ultima 7 Project - Exult: 10/10 points

All of us should say a HUGE THANK YOU to the Exult team: Now you can play Ultima 7 parts 1 & 2, most probably two of the very best RPGs ever made, on modern Windows 32bit machines!

Ultima 8 - Pagan: 7/10 points

A nice RPG, with silly jump'n'run scenes. Did take a heavy stand after Ultima 7

Ultima 9 - Ascension: 8/10 points

A pity, it did not offer stats and a more sophisticated RPG systen and a better story and...

Ultima Underworld 1 - The Stygian Abyss: 10/10 points

a classic, groundbreaking and breathtaking

Ultima Underworld 2 - Labyrinth of Worlds: 10/10 points

Just as great as part 1

Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption: 9/10 points

has a great atmosphere, almost as good as Ultima 7 or Underworld

Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos: 8/10 points

best strategy game so far

Wheel of Time: 7/10 points

dunno...I don't know the books, but liked the game, of course, again no RPG

Wizardry 7 - Crusader of the Dark Savant: 8/10 points

Wizardry 8: 8/10 points

Wizardry Nemesis: 9/10 points

Wizardry Light, as it was announced at ECTS, had very nice grafx and was really fun to play...

Wizards & Warriors - Quest for the Mavin Sword: 8/10 points

Zeliard: 5/10 points

oh my...thsi was the strangest RPG next to Birthright I ever played...crappy controls, great interface, silly story, good mood
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