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RF Online: Hands-on Preview @ Games Xtreme

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Wildefire @ Wednesday - February 15, 2006 - 19:21 -
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With the RF Online beta underway for a couple of weeks, previews of the game are continuing to trickle in, including this one from Games Xtreme. Look for an official MMORPGDot preview of this game sometime soon... uh, any readers willing to watch my kids for a few days while I play?
Rather than breaking the mould the game goes back to basics. A lot of the games focus is ‘Grind’. Basically you will spend a good deal of time killing the same enemy type and gathering cash until you gain a level and have access to better weapons and improve your stats. You then move on to a tougher enemy type.

At lower levels the game does feel quite bland. You are given a quest automatically upon gaining a level. You go and kill a set number of beasts and then are automatically are given a reward, there is the occasional item collection mission where you have to kill beasts and hope that they drop the required item. Below level 30 all characters have access to the same skills and equipment. This is a let down as no matter what you play as, there is very little (if any) variety.

Later in the game things do change. You will gain access to your races special ability and be able to choose how to progress your class. I would like to see more lower level content to vary characters skills and make life more exciting.
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