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UXO Contest Winner
Ekim, 2004-02-06

The votes are in, the polls are closed. At last we reveal who is the winner of our UXO: Name the Phoda City contest! But first, just to keep up the suspense, a reminder of who were our finalists:


Name: Daniel Dee Stott (Ammon777)    
Proposed City Name: Deepburrow     
Description: Hamsters like to store food (nuts and stuff) in a burrow underground. The Phoda (and hamsters) know that the deeper down into the earth one can dig, the safer it will be against adverse weather conditions and surface predators. So the deepness designates that there is safety deeper within the burrow.

Name:Andrew Peters  
Proposed City Name: Hylark 
Description: It's a good city name.  I had a pet hamster named that once, but he died because my brother left him outside in his cage, in the sun one day.

Name: Dave Popp      
Proposed City Name: Herridan       
Description: The Great Shrew saved the Phoda race from extinction. It would be fitting that the town be named after the Great Shrew. A synonym for Shrew is Herridan.

Name: Shawn Williams 
Proposed City Name: Glimmer's End  
Description: When the last of your glimmer has been spent, there's always one treasure that cannot be lost - home. Above all else, treasure this.

Name: Antoine TERTOIS
Proposed City Name: Phrundoor      
Description: It is the name of a Phoda that died long ago. Phrundoor was a foolish and wreckless ; he didn't care what could be the consequences of his acts. He died bragging he could buy the tavern he was having lunch at that time.


And the winner is.....

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