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Underlight Game Info
Description: Underlight is a roleplaying game that revolves upon living, breathing people. Unlike most roleplaying games, advancement in Underlight is a social effort and the only true way to power is through the support of others. In this unique roleplaying environment characters play out their political intrigues, alliances, victories, defeats and deceptions to create the fascinating, evolving story of Underlight.
Average Reader Ratings: 7.62 (55 votes)
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Release date: Available since 1998
Homepage: http://www.underlight.com/
Publisher: Lyra Studios
Developer: Lyra Studios
- 60 Day Free Trial for Underlight! (02.16.02)
On the Net:
- Underlight: Halloween Event (10.30.03)
- New Personality Point System in Underlight (01.16.03)
- Underlight: Quick Character Creation Announced (12.11.02)
- Underlight Patch Info (11.26.02)
- Underlight: Permanent Death introduced (08.23.02)
- Underlight Charity Event (03.19.02)
- Underlight going to Australia (01.18.02)
- Lyra Network Engine Licensing (01.11.02)
- Extension of Underlight Re-Activation Offer (01.09.02)
- Underlight: Dreamstrike Event Announced (01.04.02)
- Spanish-Language Edition of Underlight Announced (11.01.01)
- Underlight accepts PayPal payment (10.24.01)
- Underlight To Be Published In Chinese (08.16.01)
- Want To Help Make Underlight? (08.12.01)
- Lyra Studios seeks Concept Artists (07.26.01)
- Underlight: New Website (07.23.01)
- Underlight going through a Chaos Eclipse (07.11.01)

Developer Diaries:
- Underlight: Development Report @ RPGvault (08.02.02)
- Underlight Dev Diary at Boundaries of Mist (10.08.01)
- Underlight: Team Comment (07.26.01)

- Mike Fisher Editorial at Arcadian Del Sol (06.20.02)

- Underlight: Interview #2 @ Warcry (05.29.04)
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- Underlight: Background Music released (06.26.02)

- Underlight: New patch available (08.13.02)
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- Underlight Patch (06.05.01)

- Underlight: Review Revisited @ EGCore (11.05.03)
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Site Updates:
- Underlight: News (08.07.01)
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