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Kult: Heretic Kingdoms
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RF Online has been rated 1 times so far, average score: 9/10 points


BiLBo has rated 9/10 points (Click here to see more Reviews from BiLBo)

Gameplay: Basically the same as any other Hack-N-Slash Korean game, and because I'm used to it I don't mind it. Leveling: Leveling is quite difficult unless you mine (this brings in a lot of $$$) because you can use the money for potions to keep yourself healed while leveling; doing this will allow you to gain some levels and complete a couple of quests without downtime. Highest level is 50 right now. Inventory/Storage: Start off with one bag, there are 4 extra spots for bags, each bag holds 20 items (there are some stackable items), you must purchase each extra bag from a vendor though. In order to open a bank account, you must have a certain amount of your race's currency to open it, then more to expand the bank account. Money: Each race has their own currency, which can be converted to gold. This is preferred because the more race currency that your faction has, the higher the taxes will be, which are added onto every item sold by the vendors (Convert that $$ to gold!). Graphics: 3D, not much lag where there are a ton of players, environment looks pretty nifty, Accretians look awesome, MAUs(Mechs) look awesome, Spells look awesome (including all skills)-> basically I like it. Quests: They come every level, they aren't too difficult , especially with a group (although the person that gets the last hit gets the quest point), and are sometimes pretty rewarding. Tradeskills: This is the only downfall of the game, there are very few "tradeskills" which can only be achieved by being a specialist (on of the classes). The tradeskills are weapon/armor/shield/ammo crafting by using items found off of the mobs you kill. Object of the game: Basically, every race is fighting to gain the core for a certain amount of time in order to make their faction rich. Overall: I like it, but I am still below level 30 (this is when the real fun begins because you choose a 2nd class).
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