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Face of Mankind: Interview @ Worthplaying

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Moriendor @ Monday - July 15, 2002 - 05:45 -
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It's once again Marko Dieckmann from Duplex Systems who's interviewed about his company's upcoming futuristic MMORPG Face of Mankind.

Here's a bit:
    WP. Are you planning any sort of race system? Or will it be all human players to choose from?

    First of all, we have no different races to choose, but the player may choose from ten different organisations.

    These organisations are:

    Government institutions

    Freedom Defence Corps [F.D.C.]
    Global Intelligence Service [G.I.S.]
    Law Enforcement Department [L.E.D.]

    Multinational companies

    Colonization and Mining Guild [C.M.G.]
    American Enterprises [A.E.]
    Eurocore (also known as The Core)
    Asian Coalition [A.C.]


    Brotherhood of the shadows (aka the Brotherhood)
    Guardians of mankind (aka the Guardians)
    Mercenaries of the blood (aka the Mercenaries)

    Our dynamic story content includes all these organisation in the campaigns, and each organisation has its own destinations and rules. So, first of all, finding the right one for you is the first big task in roleplaying. You are totally implemented into the ranking structure of your organisation. There are very much opportunities for roleplaying in this structure. Everything is bound together, roleplaying in Face of Mankind is not a simple "explore and fight", but more being immersed into the deep background story.

    More details about these organisations can be found on our official homepage.
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