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Vanguard: E3 Impressions @ IGN

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Inauro @ Saturday - May 13, 2006 - 00:32 -
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IGN takes a closer look at Sigil's upcoming MMO Vanguard: Saga of Heroes as seen at this year's E3.
When one of us scruffy game journalists gets a demo of a game, it's typically orchestrated by the game's producer, maybe with a lead programmer in tow and a public relations representative hovering over the proceedings. So it's unusual to walk through a game beside the president of the company who made it. But Jeff Butler of Sigil Games Online is not your typical company president. Working his way up from customer service at Verant Interactive (now Sony Online Entertainment), Butler is both a gamer and game creator at heart, with perhaps an ambition to match the most adventurous minds in the business. Sure, this may sound like breathless enthusiasm, but listen to this: There are forty thousand craftable items in Vanguard's database. Going far beyond mere equippable gear, a carpenter or blacksmith can craft virtually every piece of furniture in an already huge virtual world. Beds, tables, chairs, benches and more for your house. Or your guild hall. Or your place of business. And whichever building you erect, it has its own plot of land near which nothing else can be built. No ugly sprawl or obscured view as other homes pop up around yours, ever. It looks like Sigil has a plan.
Source: IGN
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