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Arx Fatalis (Xbox): Review @ GCM

(Xbox: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Dhruin @ Friday - March 12, 2004 - 02:45 -
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The Xbox version of Arx Fatalis continues to receive consistent review scores, with Game Chronicles Magazine awarding a score of 8.4/10 in their review:
DreamCatcher is quickly becoming famous for finding obscure titles from overseas and brining them to the states with surprising success. Just more proof on my theory that creative game design is dead, or at least stagnent in the U.S. Arx Fatalis was originally released on the PC back in 2002 and after over a year of retooling this RPG is ready for its Xbox debut. While the game was moderately impressive on the PC there was just too much competition in the PC/RPG genre to make it a formidlbe contender. The Xbox is still in dire need of more quality RPG games so Arx Fatalis, while no different than its PC cousin, might just have a fighting chance.
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