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SpellForce: Shadow of the Phoenix - Review @ games xtreme

(PC: Single- & Multi-Player RPG) | Posted by Moriendor @ Friday - March 11, 2005 - 00:17 -
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A score of 9.0/10 is the result of games extreme's review of the 'Shadow of the Phoenix' expansion for 'SpellForce'.
Iíll assume in writing this review that readers have already played Spellforce, since you need the original RTS/RPG game (The Order of Dawn) to play this addition.

Iím happy to say that this add-on to the excellent Spellforce is as good as the previous instalment, The Breath of Winter (BoW), and in some ways surpasses it. One of the gripes I had with BoW was that you couldnít import avatars from the original game, so had to start from scratch with a puny fledgling, which was often annoying. Phenomic have amended this situation with SotP, so you can start off with a mighty level 25-30 avatar; i.e. the one you ended up with at the end of BoW or the original, The Order of Dawn (TOoD). Youíre warned from the off that if you choose to import a previously created avatar the game will be set at a more difficult level, but I still found it easier to play than the early levels of BoW, when the deficiencies of my avatar really got on my nerves. With SoTP your avatar can go up to level 50. Then see the fur fly!
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