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Minions of Mirth: Beta Update

(PC: Single- & Multi-Player RPG) | Posted by corwin @ Friday - October 28, 2005 - 08:26 -
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It's getting hard to keep up with Josh Ritter at Prairie Games, as he posts several updates a DAY for the rapidly developing Minions of Mirth. Not only does he make technical tweaks, but the core focus of the Beta is to add more and more content and he's doing it in spades. Even better, he plans to continue adding content through LIVE UPDATE on a regular basis, AFTER the game is released and it will be free for regisitered owners. Here's the latest patch update:

  • Added Sand Giant, Frost Giant, Stone Giants (thanks to Magnus Blikstad of Wit- Entertainment)

  • improved Bard and Paladin combat abilities

  • added a special "kiting" system which avoids mob warping

  • decreased World Server tick frequency by 1/3 and Zone Server by 1/2

  • Pets will no longer aggro on mobs unless ordered to attack or damaged.

  • Added some ruins to Trinst

  • New mobs now inhabit the Trinst Sewer System, BEWARE!

  • Removed Mount Zharim from the demo

  • Add lots of new spawns and loot to the Trinst Sewer System, Mount Zharim, Trinst, and Talrim Hills

  • Crafted items now display who crafted them in their description

  • Fixed spell criticals

  • Adjusted melee criticals

  • Melee changes, a weapon's damage rating and weapon skill are now much more important in calculations

  • lowered the Drakken XP penalty

  • Added aggro range modifiers to zones

  • Improved the fog color on day/night cycles

  • Increased damage done by two-handed weapons

  • Fixed Sumarlidi Grimsson quest

  • Increased range of Kick skill

  • Adusted damage/delay on a number of vendor weapons

  • Adjusted Dreadscale Buckler's armor rating

  • Bards can now use shields

  • Bards can melee while singing

  • Chest of Doom now has a texture.

  • Dreadscale Helm has a new model.

  • Decreased the amount of exp from the Wood Mite Infestation quest.

  • Fixed the Ogre Outcast and Kauldur Guard enemy faction messages.

  • Drin Gol will now tp players from Frostbite Island to Mt. Zharim or Desert of Mohrum, for a small price.

  • Working on the main quest storyline. The quest starts with Chancellor Tolip in Trinst. New dialog, new items, new monsters!!!
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