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RF Online: First Look @ RPG Vault

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Dhruin @ Wednesday - November 09, 2005 - 07:14 -
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RF Online is the subject of RPG Vault's latest First Look (a concise summary preview):
Although the title will be new in the West, it has already established itself as a success in the Far East, with a player base reportedly numbering over a million. Accordingly, it seems reasonable to expect the game and the servers will be stable, and that many possible issues related to balance, load et al will already have been addressed. The mix of fantasy and science fiction elements may help to foster both awareness and a sense of product differentiation among members of the target audience. While the visuals are attractive, with some of the female character models and their outfits drawing particular attention, it appears that the minimum system requirements will be quite reasonable.
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