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Wizardry on the PS2?

(PS2: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by @ Thursday - October 04, 2001 - 21:18 -
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Wizardry coming out on the PS2? That seems to be whats happening, with news straight from this press release:

    IRVINE, Calif, October 5, 2001 - A leading publisher of console RPGs, today announced the Winter 2001 release of Wizardry : Tale of the Forsaken Land, an intense dungeon-style role-playing game (RPG) available exclusively for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system. Based on the ever-popular PC series, the PlayStation 2 version delivers cutting-edge graphics and a sharp storyline that will immerse the gamer in the world of Wizardry .

    Our story takes place in the peaceful kingdom of Duhan, until one day a sphere of light from the heavens shatters the evening sky... Thousands are killed and the kingdom is in ruins... Demonic creatures from the underworld have emerged and the Queen of Duhan has disappeared into the labyrinths beneath the castle. The labyrinths are said to hold the greatest treasures in the land, but will you survive long enough to enjoy them...

    It is now up to you to face the ultimate challenge... Will you find the Queen in time and rid the kingdom of the evil that has befallen it? Fight on, brave warrior!

    "Wizardry : Tale of the Forsaken Land brings the popular series to a new level," said Akibo Shieh, Project Leader, Atlus U.S.A., Inc. "Tale of the Forsaken Land features a multitude of new gameplay mechanics never before seen on the PC incarnations of Wizardry while showcasing some of the best graphics ever seen in a dungeon-style RPG."

    Wizardry : Tale of the Forsaken Land introduces a unique game play mechanic called the "Trust System", which gives you the ability to use special group techniques in combat, which are known as Allied Actions. These Allied Actions, like the Converge Attack and Sacred Cross, are critical to success in battle as you will often run into groups of enemies that outnumber you 2 to 1. The "Trust System" takes into account many factors that attribute to overall party unity including your successes/failures in battle, the personality of each party member and even who your characters stand by in battle. Ultimately, without these special attacks you will stand little chance in fending off the attacks of the enemy horde.

    Key Features:

    Create and customize your party members from 5 races and 8 character classes!

    Over a hundred items and weapons to discover!

    Advanced 3D battle engine allows you to fight over a dozen enemies at the same time!

    Fear the Reaper! Explore a vast underground world, but don't lose your way or the Reaper will come for your soul!

    Combining the power of certain magic stones paves the way to stronger spells. Are you good enough to find them all?

    Allied Actions are the key to victory, but will clashing personalities in your party keep you from realizing your maximum potential?

    Wizardry : Tale of the Forsaken Land has a suggested retail price of US $49.99 and has not yet been rated by the ESRB. For more information, visit Atlus' Web site at www.atlus.com.

Wow, well, there should be a Q&A tomorrow on Gamers Press with the publishers, so more news will come out then.
Source: The Gamers Press
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