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Paradise Cracked Screenshots

(PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Rendelius @ Tuesday - January 29, 2002 - 13:42 -
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Some new screenshots from Paradise Cracked can be seen at CRPG.ru. In case you don't know about this game, here's some info:
    Superior quality, classic RPG\tactical game.
    Breath-taking adventure of the young hacker and his friends in the world of cyberpunk and hi-tech, the creation of which was inspired by the great works of William Gibson and Philip K. Dick, and the movies "Bladerunner", "Matrix" and "Ghost in the shell"
    Advanced 3D graphic engine ensures totally immersing experience. All levels and characters are three-dimensional. Realistic animation, stunning visuals and floating camera - you have never seen such great tactical games!
    Wide variety of weapons and ammo. Automatic pistols, rifles, grenade-launchers, rocket launchers, and heavy armored battle suits.
    The player can buy and implant special cyber-devices, which can help his character to get over the limits of the human body.
    Non-linear mission structure.
    Realistic physic model. All objects can be destroyed. Windowpanes are smashed by air blast. Ballistics. Characters are pushed back, fall on the ground and lose consciousness
    Multiplayer game modes over LAN or Internet
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