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Big News for Horizons

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by @ Thursday - September 13, 2001 - 00:38 -
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An update was posted on the Horizons official site today, laying down how things are going, and giving words about their official boards. They seem to be taking them down for an unnanounced amount of time. Heres the update:

    Artifact Entertainment Status Update:
    We continue to develop the functional specs based on the conceptual work done previously. We have defined the systems necessary for our programming staff to complete the server technology and the developer tools required to allow our production staff to begin integrating the assets previously created into the world simulation.

    The server technology continues to progress at the predicted pace. The client technology is now back on track. The artists are solidifying the art pipeline and continue to generate great work. Artifact Entertainment is in better shape to deliver a first-rate product than ever before.

    As a result of our focus on the development of Horizons, we are imposing a quiet period on ourselves regarding the release of information about Horizons, this includes the current Artifact Entertainment hosted, public message boards. When we have adequate content in place and have properly tested our systems internally, we will conduct a beta test of the product with the cooperation of the community. Approximately one month prior to the beta, we will reopen our message boards to prepare for the beta. For those of you who have positively contributed to discussions held on the message boards, we thank you for your time and energy. We have read your many posts and appreciate your thoughtful contributions to the game. Your names have been noted and we will be asking for your cooperation in the future to help us test the complex interactions that a massively multi-player world engenders.

    David V. Bowman
    Executive Vice President of Production
    Artifact Entertainment
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