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Wizardry 8: Deathstalker's Mod

(PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Dhruin @ Sunday - April 10, 2005 - 09:11 -
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Thanks to Lucky Day for pointing out an updated Wizardry 8 mod...you can read about Deathstalker's Mod v1.3 here and download it from Wolfie's Wiz8 site. Here's a partial snip of some of the features:
Over 160+ new/and or unique monsters including many 'mini-bosses' and lots of individually named monsters (Arnika is full of named hll patrollers and such.)

Over 212 new items, many of them artifacts/or personal items from bosses (few are 'mega' powerful, tried to not unbalance the game with tonnes of powerful items.)

Lots of throwing weapons (axes, hammers, darts, chakrum, shriuken, spears, javelins)

Lots of new ranged weapons that don't use ammo (returning thrown weapons, bows that make thier own arrows, slings that make their own shot.)

Tonnes of new musket shot and now pistols are in the game.

Modified the spells for level, damage, and which classes get which spells (the priest class is now quite the hefty class, got a few damaging/protective spells). A few spells are now 'universal', ie, open to all spellcasters and many are re-described or re-named to more reflect their new/modified roles.
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