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Star Wars KotOR 2 (XBox): Preview @ TeamXBox

(Xbox: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Moriendor @ Thursday - July 22, 2004 - 17:20 -
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TeamXBox has posted a preview of Obsidian's/LucasArts' 'Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic' sequel.
At its Summer Editor’s Day, Mike Gallo of LucasArts and Chris Parker from Obsidian Entertainment guided us through a new KotOR II demo, revealing new areas, new Force powers, and… a new villain!

One of the many traditions in the Star Wars universe is to have a unique villain, powerful in the Dark Side of The Force, who wants to take on the Republic and its benevolent protectors; the Jedi. The first movie trilogy had Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine, while the new prequels have Darth Maul, Count Dooku, and Darth Sidious. We’re still waiting patiently for the latest bad guy, General Grievous, who will debut in Episode III. In regards to the hugely successful RPG, KotOR, we were introduced to the evil ways of Darth Malak. Continuing with the tradition, LucasArts and Obsidian have decided to incorporate a host of new villains in The Sith Lords. There will not be just one baddie to take out this time. The Sith have grown stronger since the end of KotOR and there numbers are many.
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