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Ultima Reference Card
Parcival, 2003-10-22

This reference card is in not a compleat list of Ultima Games and Projects. We tried to include the core ultima game's, along with the finished, most active, most significant or otherwise notable projects. If you feel there is a game or project missing that realy ought to be listed here, feel free to let us know.

The Original Ultima's engine released
Ultima 0 - Akalabeth U0 1979
Ultima 1 The First Age of Darkness U1 1980
Ultima 2 Revenge of the Enchantress U2 1981
Ultima 3 Exodus U3 1983
Ultima 4 Quest of the Avatar U4 1985
Ultima 5 Warriors of Destiny U5 1988
Ultima 6 The False Prophet U6 1990
Ultima 7 part 2 Serpent Isle U7 1992
Ultima 7 part 2 Silver Seed U7 1992
Ultima 7 The Black Gate U7 1993
Ultima 7 The Forge of Virtue U7 1993
Ultima 8 Pagan U8 1994
Ultima 9 Ascension U9 1999
Ultima Underworld 1 The Stygian Abyss UU (system shock) 1992
Ultima Underworld 2 Labyrinth of Worlds UU (system shock) 1993
Worlds of Ultima 1 The Savage Empire U6 1990
Worlds of Ultima 2 Martian Dreams U6



Enhancements & Engine projects

Nazghul U5 Engine Project U5 TBA
Nuvie The Ultima 6 Engine U6 TBA
The Exodus Project U3/U4/U5 released
Ultima 4 Annex U4 released
Ultima 4 Recreated Xu4 U4 TBA
Ultima 4 Virtue of Humility U4 released
Ultima 7 Exult U7 - Exult released
Ultima 8 Pentagram U8 TBA
Ultima Iris in-house, 3d released


Inspired Works

BritanniaMOD morrowind released
ERA in-house, 3d TBA
EUO in-house, tile based released


Online Ultima's

Ultima Online UO 1997
Ultima Online Age of Shadows UO 2003
Ultima Online Lord Blackthorn's Revenge UO 2002
Ultima Online Renaissance UO 2000
Ultima Online The Second Age UO 1998
Ultima Online The Third Dawn UO 2000
Ultima Worlds Online: Origin in-house cancelled
Ultima X: Odyssey Unreal Engine

Q1 2004


Remake projects

Akalabeth Remake in-house released
Ultima 1 A Legend is Reborn in-house, 3d cancelled
Ultima 2 Project Enilno in-house, 3d TBA
Ultima 4 Remake Avatarship Neverwinters Nights released
Ultima 4 The Dawn of Virtue in-house, isometric TBA
Ultima 5 Lazarus dungeon siege Q1 2004
Ultima 6 Project The False Prophet dungeon siege TBA
Ultima 7 Remake The complete Ultima 7 dungeon siege cancelled
Ultima 7 Remixed Neverwinters Nights released
Ultima 8 Exile Neverwinters Nights TBA
Ultima 9 Eriadain Neverwinters Nights TBA
Ultima 9 Redemption morrowind TBA
Ultima Underworld 1 Remake with TES morrowind released
UU1 The Stygian Abyss Remake in-house cancelled
U2 Labyrinth of Worlds Remake in-house cancelled
U2 Labyrinth of Worlds Remake in-house TBA
Underworld Adventures (UU1 Remake)  UU (system shock) TBA


Spin Off Projects

Adventures of Blackthorn dungeon siege Q1 2004
Ultima 7 Blackrock U7 - Exult TBA
Ultima 7 Chronicals of Batlin U7 - Exult TBA
Ultima Underworld 3 Test of Power in-house cancelled
Worlds Of Ultima: Lost Sosaria Neverwinters Nights TBA


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