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The Moment of Silence is GOLD

(PC: Adventures) | Posted by Garrett @ Tuesday - September 21, 2004 - 06:11 -
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dtp just sent word, that the German version of The Moment of Silence has gone gold and should hit shelves on october 1st!
dtp-press release 09/21/2004

The Moment of Silence goes Gold!

Hamburg, 09/21/2004. The upcoming mega-adventure The Moment of Silence has just gone Gold in the German speaking areas. German publisher dtp will place the game in the shops on the 1st of October. Thus the German version of The Moment of Silence - which is the original version, as the developers, House of Tales, are German - will be the first to be released. The Moment of Silence will be out shortly after the German release in several other territories, including UK and France.

The Moment of Silence is one of the biggest adventure-titles this year. Spectacular graphics with realtime effects, a total of 30 minutes of cutscenes, a story full of conspiracy-theories and social criticism are combined in a classic adventure the fans were waiting for so long. The Moment of Silence is developed by the German team House of Tales, who had a major success with The Mystery of the Druids some years ago.

dtp entertainment AG is one of the biggest and fastest-growing publishers in the German-speaking area. dtp has a broad line-up with around 300 titles in edutainment, tools and games. In the games-branch dtp is specialized in adventures, rpgs, non-mainstream sport-games and horse-games. dtp is always looking for interesting titles and business partners in publishing, co-publishing, distribution and development.
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