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Dominus Online Q&A at Stratics Central

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Rendelius @ Wednesday - April 24, 2002 - 11:00 -
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A Dominus Online Q&A can be found at Stratics Central today. They talk to Hawthorne, Lead Developer of Regulator Studio's Dominus Online. Here's a bit for you:
    Hawthorne: What separates Dominus Online from all other MMORPGs is the way we develop our game, and the particular areas that we concentrate on. For example all of the Dominus developers, artist, story writers, and public relations people are required to use IRC, always making ourselves available to any tester or interested game players so that we can incorporate the community's ideas into our development.

    There are many advantages to this type of development, and it keeps us from having to revisit certain gaming aspects because of player input. Dominus has one main focus, and that is player conflict. No MMORPG has a sole focus on PvP, guild combat, and land ownership. Let's face it, when people get tired of bashing monsters, and looting treasure they want that human factor. Many games in this genre skip right over that or design it as an afterthought.

    Anyone that has kept up with this industry over the past 10 years would know that in most every large scale MMORPG player vs. player conflict has been frowned upon, and sometimes even banned from games. Dominus wants this market of players, and we intend on catering to them as well as offering the standard characteristics of this genre such as dungeons mob bashing, dynamic quests, and vibrant zones.

    Lastly I would have to say that our unique locking and unlocking discipline based skill system really allows our players to grow as they see fit, never having to recreate a new character, but by simply changing their characters as they change their game play style.
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