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Vanguard: Beta Invitation Offer @ CGM

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Inauro @ Saturday - April 22, 2006 - 00:49 -
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Computer Games Magazine let us know that they're offering invitations to the Vanguard: Saga of Heroes beta test.
Fort Lauderdale, Fla.—April 19, 2006—Computer Games Magazine, published by the media division of theglobe.com, offers an exclusive invitation to join the beta test of Sigil Games Online’s highly anticipated massively multiplayer online game, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. In the June issue of Computer Games, readers will find a unique code enabling them to enter the closed beta test of this MMO prior to the availability of any public access.

Sigil Games Online adds beta testers in large batches every few weeks. By registering an exclusive CGM code, readers will be instantly added to its beta queue. There is no need to put in an application and hope to be chosen to participate; readers will skip right to the front of the line. After a code is registered, Sigil will send out e-mails along with the client download information.

If you do not already have a code, you’re still in luck. Here are some basic instructions:

1. Get the issue. If you already have your copy of the June issue, mosey on down to step 2. Otherwise, head down to your local newsstand to purchase a copy (try Borders or Barnes & Noble).

You can also subscribe today to receive a code. Just forward your receipt to vanguard@cgonline.com. This email address is being protected from spam bots, and one needs Javascript enabled to view it. You’ll receive a code as soon as possible, although the subscription itself will take a few weeks to process. You can also buy a single copy or subscribe to the digital edition of the magazine right here, and forward your receipt to vanguard@cgonline.com.

2. Get the code. Retrieve your Beta code from page 19 of the June issue.

People who have received the issue digitally from Zinio.com, should send an e-mail to vanguard@cgonline.com with a valid login name (usually your e-mail address); upon verification of your purchase, you will receive a code as soon as possible.

For the latest information on the game and access to the beta forums, create a forum account here.
Source: Computer Games Magazine
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