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Bad Brain Interview @ Adventure Gamers

Posted by Dhruin @ Monday - December 06, 2004 - 07:40 -
| Game Info
Wolfgang Kierdorf from Bad Brain has been interviewed at Adventure Gamers about the newly-secured rights to 'A Vampyre Story' and rumours about a resurrection of 'Sam & Max: Freelance Police', among other things. Here's a bit about Sam & Max:
Rumor has it that Bad Brain is attempting to acquire the rights to Sam & Max: Freelance Police. What can you say about that?

No comment (I signed an NDA). All I can say is: yes, we are talking to LucasArts about a game that might involve animals, but that's all folks! I guess we will see what´s happening in March 2005 at the latest. Also check our website for more information about our games.
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